Refund Policy

Under what circumstances when refund is possible?

Refund is possible under the following circumstances :

  • Order is cancelled upon request.
    To cancel the order, please call 91-9230765100. Alternatively, may write to [email protected]

How is the refund procedure being carried out ?

Refund will be carried out within three days once one of the above mentioned criteria is met. Once the refund has been successfully processed, you will receive a refund notification via email. Safe keep this refund notification for checking against your monthly credit card bill. Addition : Customer’s account will reflect the amount within 15-20 working days.

The amount of refund related to an order cancellation is as follows :

Customer's contact information will be used for the following purposes :

  • Market Analysis
    Such information as customer's choice of flowers/gifts, country of the senders and the recipients, are used to identify markets that need our services. The information and the result of analysis are solely meant for internal use and will be kept confidentially.
  • Channel for Communicating Purchase and Delivery Status
    Sender's email will be used as a channel for communicating purchase status (e.g. confirmation of purchase by forwarding the receipt to the customer) and delivery status (e.g. update customer if the order has been fulfilled).
  • Products and Services Update
    Sender and recipient's email addresses will be used for forwarding new products and services updates.
  • Festival and Other Promotions:
    Sender and recipient's email addresses will be used for Festival and Other Promotions.

Do we collect and store my credit card information?

No. We do not collect and store your credit card information. We do not get any idea of Credit Card number. During the purchasing process, you will enter your credit card information directly into the form posted by the credit card payment gateway. Hence, all your credit card information will be collected and secured by the credit card payment gateway directlyin most secured way.